News and Updates

Bug fix in Drop Down Menu

May 4, 2009

Oops, there was a bug in the recent release of Drop Down Menu. We fixed it, and we recommend everyone upgrade to the latest version, 1.1.2, in order to have the less buggy 'clickToOpen' feature. For details, see the forum thread here.

Dropdown Menu Update

April 28, 2009

Finally! We know, we know, we have been pretty bad about releasing upgrades to our plugins. But don't worry, we're committed to this project, we just have to do the best we can with the limited time we have. Anyway, check out the bug fixes and improvements to the Drop Down Menu plugin: CSS improvements, new open/close delay feature, RTL support, Vertical menu support, and some minor bug fixes. Check out the Drop Down Menu Demo Page for specific details on the new options and fixes.

UvumiTools Crop 2.0.0 - Major Upgrade!

January 11, 2009

This is a really big update with many added features and new functionalities over the previous version. You'll have to check the new Crop demo page for details, but here's a preview: Advanced customizable features including multiple resize handles, editable selection dimensions, new server side scripts, improved preview feature, and improved user interface. These new features were added after multiple requests from users on the forum. Enjoy!

Version Numbers in Last Week's Release

December 16, 2008

Oops! During all the excitement of releasing new versions of the Dropdown, Crop, Scrollbar, and Textarea plugins, we seem to have forgotten to update the version numbers in the downloadable source files (and compressed libraries). So, if you downloaded the new versions since last Thursday, you may want to grab them again to avoid confusion in the future if you're relying on those version numbers to keep tabs on your plugins. Sorry about that!

Massive Updates and Bug Fixes

December 11, 2008

Holy crap! We've been super busy with our day jobs this autumn, and it's been difficult to find time to update UvumiTools plugins. But the forum has been very active, and a few bugs were found and excellent feature requests were made, so we made time to address those issues. Here's a quick summary of the updates, but if you want the full story check the change log for each tool, then go to the forum to discuss:

Image Crop Plugin - Fixed some important bugs with Internet Explorer and added a function to change the pictures source. The update includes some changes in the CSS file too, so you need to download the whole package again if you want these updates. See Olivier's forum post for more details and to ask questions.

Dropdown Menu - Added new "Close Delay" and "Click to Open" features. This has been an extremely popular plugin, and it is very stable. These new features give you even more options for customizing the look and feel of your drop down menu. Olivier discusses the new features in the forum.

Scrollbar Plugin - Big update for this plugin. We fixed the jumpy behavior, so everything operates very smoothly now. Additional CSS customization was also added to the scroll knobs. More notes and discussion on the forum.

Textarea Plugin - This update was large and important. We fixed a couple of really nasty bugs, one which was a pretty bad security risk. It's pretty important to update to the new version if you are using this tool in a production environment. Olivier explains the bug fixes in detail on the forum.

New Plugin: Odometer

September 29, 2008

UvumiTools Odometer is a Javascript counter widget that is, of course, simple to use, looks great on websites, and is capable of ajax updates. You can use this plugin to give your users live updates of any numeric value: web page hits, fund raising amounts, number of registered users, number of forum posts, any integer value that you can retrieve from a web server and would like to display on your web site. Check out our demo, and feel free to download and try it for yourself. If you need support, have questions, or want to suggest an improvement, please visit our forum!

New Plugin: ColorSphere

September 22, 2008

UvumiTools ColorSphere is a Javascript color picking interface that is simple to use, looks great on websites, and returns web standard hexidecimal color codes using regular old HTML form inputs. This plugin is very easy to integrate into existing sites, and your users will be stoked when they see how simple it is to select colors in forms and other interfaces. Furthermore, you'll be stoked out by our example code, commented source files, and original PSD graphic template to make customization super easy. Check out the demo page for a full description of features, usage instructions, tips and tricks, caveats, and for quick and easy code downloads! Like it? Hate it? Having a problem with it? Let us know in the forum.

Javascript Snippets Section Launched

September 15, 2008

We've been writing a lot of Javascript code recently, adding to our library of interesting functions and experimental effects and animations. Not everything we develop makes it all the way to plugin status, but we think that some of the code bits are actually kind of cool. So we have created a new section on the site called UvumiTools Snippets. Here you will find quick and interesting functions that can be easily copy/pasted into any site to add cool effects to some of your elements, or to provide useful features for your forms. And as always, if you need some help or would like to post an improvement or suggestion, you can always catch us on the forum.

PHP Crop Script Added to UvumiTools Crop

September 10, 2008

After our release of the UvumiTools Crop Javascript image cropping plugin, we read reviews of the tool on many blogs and developer forums around the Web and found that there are a large number of users who would like to have a sample server-side script that can actually crop the image after the coordinates and dimensions get submitted from the client side. While UvumiTools plugins are all about useful, degradable, and non-obtrusive Javascript, we do know a little bit about PHP and its very useful GD library. So, as of today, we now offer a sample PHP script that you can use to save cropped images on your server using the data generated with UvumiTools Crop. For technical details, check out Olivier's forum post, and if you have questions, feel free to ask us on the forum!

Bug fix: Dropdown Menu

September 3, 2008

UvumiTools Dropdown Menu v1.0.1 has one major improvement over the initial release: We fixed an issue that was causing the menu to render itself behind other objects in the document, making it difficult to use on certain web pages. For technical details about this release, please see Olivier's forum post.

New Plugin: Image Cropping Tool

September 2, 2008

This is an extremely useful tool for any site that provides image hosting, photo albums, or even just graphic avatars for forum or social network use. With UvumiTools Crop you can feature a fancy image cropping tool in your web site, and the best part about it is that it is pure Javascript, which means your users won't need any extra browser plugins (like Flash) for it to work. Similar to tools found on sites like Flickr, MySpace, and Facebook, but more widely compatible and very easy to implement. Click here for an impressive demo, usage instructions, and downloads!

Custom Scrollbars with Standards Compliance

August 18, 2008

This week's plugin release is our very own custom script for generating stylized scrollbars in any scrollable container without breaking your standards-compliant HTML. It's called UvumiTools Scrollbar. Seriously, this is some fancy stuff, and it doesn't even require non-compliant CSS like Microsoft wants you to use. We're sure you'll like this very non-obtrusive and easy to use plugin, and it will give your site's theme that all-encompassing look and feel without breaking your code or requiring you to learn any new tricks. Enjoy!

Dock Menu Plugin Mimics Mac OS X

August 11, 2008

Here we go again! Today's plugin release is very exciting. UvumiTools Dock Menu turns your web site's navigation menu into a very smooth and nicely animated Mac-like dock, making it feel less like a web page and more like the desktop of a brand new Mac computer. As usual, this plugin is totally degradable and non-obtrusive, so your users won't be too upset if they try viewing your site with Javascript disabled, and search engines like Google and Yahoo won't be stymied when they index your site. This plugin starts with regular and valid HTML, and builds a beautifully animated graphical menu with a minimum of coding on your part. See for yourself in our live demo, then go ahead and download it to try out on your web site!

New Plugin: Dropdown Menu

July 28, 2008

We are proud to announce yet another free, open source, non-obtrusive, fully degradable Javascript plugin for your web site. We are actually using this plugin here on this site, and it works great. Like all our other plugins, Dropdown Menu is super easy to use and simply adds fancy features and functionality to existing HTML on your site. In this case, it turns a basic unordered list into a very nice and sturdy animated horizontal drop-down menu. Try it out with lots of example code on the demo page. Questions and bug reports can be posted to the forum.

Textarea Bug Fixes

July 24, 2008

Just after its initial release we found a fairly major bug in our Textarea Plugin which was basically rendering it useless in the Opera web browser. We like Opera, and we want our plugins to be compatible with all of the major browsers, so we developed a fix for Opera's strange character counting behavior with <textarea> elements. Olivier summarizes the technical bits behind this bug in the forum. Users of this plugin will definitely want to download the newest version for their web sites.

Updates and Enahancements

July 22, 2008

UvumiTools Gallery has been updated to version 1.0.2, the only change being an adjustment to the slideshow scrolling functionality. Read all about it in Olivier's forum post.

Meanwhile, our Textarea plugin has been updated to support mouse-click paste events thanks to an attentive visitor who discovered that lack of functionality. Now that it is fixed, we're even more confident in this plugin's potential to enhance the usability of your web site. You can read technical details about this update here.

UvumiTools Textarea Released

July 20, 2008

A new textarea script that is easy to use and works in all the major web browsers. Provides fancy visual feedback of remaining characters in each textarea as the user is typing; Automatically grows or shrinks the height of textareas as the user types; Many other optional features. Check out the demo page for answers to all your questions, instructions, downloads, and a live example.

UvumiTools Gallery 1.0.1 Update

July 20, 2008

This version update fixes a minor bug dealing resulting if the container element's position is not properly set. See the demo page to download a fixed copy, and consult the relevant forum post.

UvumiTools Gallery Released

July 11, 2008

A new free photo gallery script that is easy to use and works in all the major web browsers. Please see the demo page for answers to all your questions.

Welcome to UvumiTools

July 11, 2008

Welcome to the UvumiTools project, a site where web developers can download and use some of our nifty Javascript plugins. Our plugins are based on Mootools, an excellent and stable Javascript framework that is free and well documented. We aim to make our plugins easy to use, even if you don't know Javascript. Most importantly our plugins are fully degradable so they won't break your page when Javascript is disabled, and they are entirely non-obtrusive. It's as simple as including some scripts and adding some basic HTML to your web site. Questions? Check out the forum.