Element.IEBW(), Window.IEBW(), Document.IEBW()

Snippets are small pieces of code that do not fit in the UvumiTools plugin category. Please note that each of these semi-useful functions requires Mootools 1.2.

Turns an element or the whole document into black and white in Internet Explorer only. That's right. If you want to pass a message to IE users, like "hey, your browser sucks", this is a pretty efficient way to do it. It's kind of ironic because Internet Explorer is the only browser capable of this trick, thanks to its special filters. Calling the function in another browser will no effect and will not throw any errors.

One potential use for IEBW() is to apply it on an element wrapping all your page content except one "Get Firefox" image link.

IEBW : function(){
if(this.getWindow() == this || this.getDocument() == this){
return this;
return this;


$('myElement').IEBW();  //turns 'myElement' to back and white
window.IEBW();          //turns the whole document to black and white
document.IEBW();        //does the same thing as window.IEBW


Needless to say, this won't do anything if you are not viewing this page in Internet Explorer. This demo is not the best example since this website has very little colors.