Javascript Code Snippets

Snippets are small pieces of code that do not fit in the UvumiTools plugin category. Please note that each of these semi-useful functions requires Mootools 1.2.

Despite the trivial and experimental nature of these code snippets, we thought they were cool enough to share them with the Javascript and web development communities.

Using these snippets is darn easy: We show you the code here on the site so you can copy/paste it. Then right underneath, we include a small demo.

You can also directly grab the source javascript file that we use on this page.

Some of ournippets extend the Mootools' Element object, using Element.implement(). If you use several of them, they can be grouped in a single implement function:

aFunction : function(){
anotherFunction : function(){

Here is a list with direct links to each snippet. We will add more when we invent them, so check back often!